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        About the Book

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Here's what people are saying about Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom:

"One of those books to savor, underline like crazy, and then age with gracefully until its dog-eared pages no longer need to remind you that you're already Home."

--Raphael Cushnir, author of How Now: 100 Ways to Celebrate the Present

 "This is a book that gives us the permission to be ourselves, the simple
wonder of whom we really are. Here are clues to the great human mystery, the
secret that is within each of us waiting to be lived. There is nothing to
search for, just the challenge to be awake, to be present in each ordinary,
extraordinary moment."

--Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee Ph.D., Sufi teacher and author of Awakening the World

 "It is with tremendous enthusiasm that I recommend to you Ordinary Women Extraordinary Wisdom: the Feminine Face of Awakening as an exquisite pointer to the vast field of women who have realized the highest spiritual truths and are speaking out to bring their wisdom to the table so that we may benefit from their labors of love.
Rita Marie Robinson is a gifted writer who offers us intimate interviews with ordinary women whose stories reveal that if they can realize these extraordinary spiritual truths, so can we. This is a visionary book to be cherished for the intimate glimpses it provides us into the lives of women who point the way to how we can live a life of enlightened living in the midst of ordinary circumstances."

--Richard C. Miller PhD, author of Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga

"In the past 30 years women have emerged into the forefront of the spiritual life in the West, and the interviews in this book reflect a new generation of clear-eyed women teachers and sages."

 --Stephen Bodian, author of Meditation for Dummies

"This book will become a milestone in female spirituality.  Not only does it recount the fascinating and intimate stories of twelve ‘ordinary’ women in their search for peace and self-knowledge, the author engages the reader with her own quest.  Beautifully written with captivating honesty, this unique book will become an inspiration for both men and women alike, also looking for the essence of who they truly are." 

--Paula Marvelly, author of Teachers of One