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 Private Sessions With Rita Marie Robinson


As a psychotherapist with a background in depth psychology, my approach embraces both the ordinary and the extraordinary—meeting real life challenges with kindness and compassion without losing sight of what is whole and perfect at the core of one’s being.

Pain from the past needs your loving attention—neither denial nor indulgence will set you free. Until the old hurts have been met with an open heart, they will continue to haunt you, getting in the way of genuine intimacy and limiting you from the fullness of life. My role is to guide you in this process, inviting whatever is unresolved to arise, be fully acknowledged, and then allowed to dissolve.

This approach is also the basis of my work with couples. Each person is invited to contact their deepest emotional truth and to express that honestly and openly to their partner. It is through this deep listening—to oneself and the other—that real connection can take root, as does a greater awareness of each other’s vulnerabilities and emotional triggers. Concrete communication skills are also offered to guide the dialogue toward more understanding and acceptance. On a practical level, I facilitate resolution to specific issues that have been a source of tension and conflict in the relationship.

To schedule a session or for more information, please contact Rita at
rita.marie.robinson@gmail.com  Or call 970-729-0885.

Fees are based on a sliding scale, from $60 to $90 per hour-long session.

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